Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The One Where I Learn to Crochet

I must be so brave. And bored.

A few nights ago, I fell upon Maybe Matilda, and her crochet tutorials. I thought "Why don't I do this? I know the basic things and we have all of the items to do it. Plus I need more scarves and hats, and they cost a lot."

I grabbed my ball of yarn, crochet hook, computer, and mom (she helped me some with the basic steps), and started in on my project. After a bit, I decided to crochet an infinity scarf that seemed simple enough.

With a few complications and me messing it up somehow, it still worked out great! I'm loving my new scarf, and my new hobby.

I also made a headband/ear warmer, and am currently working on another scarf!


I have a feeling I'll waste a lot of time making crochet items, but I'm definitely okay with that :)

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